Living Green: A College Student’s Experiment

Going green: I remember the first time we learned about solar panels in school. How Genius! The sun is everywhere, why don't we use it to power everything? I was just a child, so of course my mind simplified everything, but I understood the gist of how the whole thing worked. That evening I asked … Continue reading Living Green: A College Student’s Experiment


The Doom of a Humanities Major

After a long and degrading weekend of working at my part-time job at the local seafood restaurant I was fed up. I sat down at my desk, candle lit, and a large mug of coffee in hand determined and hopeful. "Today, I will find something better." I began with my university's job postings. Then, disappointed … Continue reading The Doom of a Humanities Major

White Wedding-Venue Angst

We awoke to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. And, when I say was. The second of February and our little city in Tennessee had gotten its first snow of the season. Too bad we had taken off work, e-mailed numerous vendors, and filled the day up with tours for our outdoor … Continue reading White Wedding-Venue Angst