My DIY Wedding: DIY Bouquets and Floral Arrangements


I knew that I was going to have to get a bit creative and think outside of the box if I wanted to be able to afford my dream wedding right out of college. For me, that meant tackling a lot of DIY projects to cut down costs. These projects took a lot of time and hard work: my weekends were devoted to wedding crafts for many weeks. But, at the end of the day I was so proud of what I had accomplished, and enjoyed all of the time spent with my mom, grandmothers, aunts, and friends putting together our personal touches on the big day! 

When I told my mom that I was ordering my flowers from a website, and that we would be throwing together ALL of the flowers for my wedding the day before, she kind of freaked…lucky for me she has an open mind and is willing to try anything, because the final product was awesome! Here are some of the details of how we put everything together. 


I ordered from Blooms by the Box because they had great reviews and were super affordable. They have some awesome flower packs that incorporate texture and make sure to have a bit of variation, so I went with their Intimate Backyard Party Wildflower Pack and built from there.

Two days before the wedding, BOXES of flowers arrived on my mom’s doorstep. She and I rushed to cut down their stems and place them in buckets of water to be hydrated. The website provided us with step-by-step instructions on how to care for the flowers. We followed them to the T and it was a success!


Our information packet reminded us to cut stems in water or under flowing water to avoid catching air in the stems. My mom is being such a good sport about it in the photo on the right. 😉


We let the flowers hydrate overnight and the next morning went to work on making the arrangements. My grandma and bridesmaids were there as well! 

Each bridesmaid made her own bouquet and they each represented their personalities so well. In the meantime I worked on my all rose bouquet. It took two people to put together, so if you are considering embarking on such a mission, make sure you have extra hands!!

The bouquets were the hardest only because they required stem wrapping. We started with a base of floral wire (I bought it at Hobby Lobby) to keep all of those stems in place. Then we each added our own taste of burlap, lace, and pearls.




From there we just threw flowers together in my collection of wine bottles and mason jars! I wanted to go for the rustic/southern charm thing, so wildflowers really fit and I told everyone that I didn’t want a single arrangement to look the same. They turned out beautifully! 


Our collection of flowers in the dining room.




We loaded everything up in boxes from the liquor store (they are perfect because they have dividers!). ALL of this managed to fit into the back of my mom’s SUV and we transported them to the venue the morning of.


Here is the final product. Shout out to Life With a View Studio for capturing some great photos at the venue (sorry, all of those ugly grainy ones were taken in a hurry with my iPhone).




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