When the water is our teacher

My husband Daniel and I recently became “adventure family members” at Reflection Riding. With this new status came access to canoes and their launch at Lookout Creek. On a recent Saturday we ditched the baby and made our short drive to the nature center, giddy for a tranquil morning on the water together. I think … Continue reading When the water is our teacher


5 Tips for Hostel Travel

Hostels are an awesome option for a place to sleep while traveling. Of course, their best attribute is how budget friendly they are, but there are some other great reasons to forego the hotel or vacation rental and sleep in a room full of strangers. If your adventurous heart decides on a hostel stay, here … Continue reading 5 Tips for Hostel Travel

Backpacking Europe: What I know now.

It's almost dream-like, the wandering nomad living out of the pack on their back, sleeping on trains and bunks, taking note of every scent, examining every crack in the sidewalk, and discovering cultures, peoples, and new ways of living. That might be a bit overboard, but, perhaps these are the reasons that so many American's … Continue reading Backpacking Europe: What I know now.