My kid had chips for dinner and other momfessions

As I sat there, congratulating him for actually eating something I realized that I should probably be feeling a teensy tiny bit guilty for giving in and letting him be the boss. I suppose I can be comforted knowing that as the years progress, so will all of my other mom guilts. Cheers!


We’re back!

So I’m cheating. But I finally updated our joint blog at Overland Kai! Here’s my post for the week. 😀 Also check out our super amateur skills with the GoPro.

overland kai

So it looks like we just started up this little page and then abandoned it. But, making new babies (don’t let that sound too dirty), finishing school, and life got in the way. This past weekend we finally got into the groove of exploring the outdoors (now as a family of four!). We’re also playing with some new toys. So please be kind, this was our first go at recording our drive with the GoPro.

Tumbling Creek Tumbling Creek, a gem of a view at the end of the road.

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Two newbies and a paint sprayer: what could possibly go wrong? Pt 1

20 gallons of primer and 10 gallons of paint later, the exterior of our house is somewhat painted! Now I understand why people pay professionals lots of money to do this...


Today, I wasn’t ID’d for Wine at the Grocery Store and other ramblings

It has officially been four months since I graduated with my Master's, popped out a baby, and basically resigned myself to SAHM status. It's taken these four months for me to get over my shell shock of how last year turned out--and to begin a long road of acceptance that life plans, well, are just … Continue reading Today, I wasn’t ID’d for Wine at the Grocery Store and other ramblings


I’ve been eerily quiet on here

And here's why! This past semester I have been pumping out weekly articles for Odyssey Online. I will try to start updating with some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share! An Open Letter to the Young Mom in School This goes out to all of the other young moms out … Continue reading I’ve been eerily quiet on here


The magic of an internship, and how one jump-started my career

It’s my junior year of college and I’m beginning to panic. What the heck will I do after I graduate? With student loans piling up, and the real world breathing down my neck, I realize that I need some sort of action plan. Not all undergraduate programs require an internship experience, but to understand  life … Continue reading The magic of an internship, and how one jump-started my career


On Chacos: Words to their snobbish despisers

Some people love to hate on Chacos, loudly proclaiming that those “rubber Jesus sandals” are butt ugly,  like in this article. Obviously, these despisers have never donned the addicting, versatile shoe. So, to all of those haters out there, open your ears, open your minds. In case we have forgotten, yoga pants were originally made … Continue reading On Chacos: Words to their snobbish despisers